Fighting the summer heat in Taipei

As you all know, I live in Taipei. I like to think that perhaps it is a touch cooler in the harbor cities, like Kaohsiung or Hsinchu. But here in lovely Taipei it’s hot as f**k. So this morning I woke up like ‘wtf?!?’ (Sorry ‘yonce fans but this was not a flawless kind of day.)

Like my body didn’t know what to do haha. So I step outside for some fresh air and was surprised how much cooler outside was than inside. So jumped into a cold shower and stayed in there until the water actually felt cold. Then after getting dressed I began to think of ways I could survive the day. Remembering that I was going to visit the nearest traditional day market anyway I upped the time on my original day plan and literally escaped the house.

The first thing I did was go to the ATM. Not because I needed money, but because they keep it as cold as an icebox in there. True Story.

The day was still early and there were a plethora of chances to steel some shade when I got to the market street. Plus I got to pick out some great fruit, buy some fresh ass tofu and practice my growing Mandarin. *BONUS* I also found some pretty good looking kitchen knives…may stop back and get one for my dad and one for me.

Check out some of the market here.

After running back home and escaping again to go down to my local PX Mart to complete my grocery shopping (just in case you were curious here is a link to the company’s website. I mean it’s a grocery store but who am I to judge the interests of others ha) I eventually found myself packing up my laptop and walking down to a Starbucks.

I promise of all places Starbucks was not my first choice. It was actually Lousia’s Coffee but they were closed. Anywho, all cafes tend to have air conditioning so I wasn’t picky in which one. Just be aware that Starbucks holds true to its prices in ALL locations.


I worked for a little bit there. Until my laptop died and I realized that I didn’t bring my adapter with me so then I decided to people watch. Then rain watch until it was time for me to head back for my tutoring session.

By that time the world was becoming a cooler place, I made lunch and relaxed a bit. Yay for surviving.

If you are here and your body gets cranky from the heat try a few of these combat ideas

-ATM break (who is going to judge you? No one, that’s who)

-Early morning street markets

-24 hour bookstores

-Shopping malls (window shop the hell out of that place)

-Movie theaters (go see a movie there is bound to be something you want to see)

-Hide in the pet shop with the cutie fat butt Corgis

And always remember to pack that umbrella!

Until then.


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