Excerpt from the book “The Rise and Fall of a Gladiatrix” by Ashley M Scott

Of Realizations and Ulterior Motives 

Chapter 6

Once relieved of the field, a man’s worth is portrayed and judged by the way he lives his life spared by the gods and presents his house and self to state and countryman. The villa of Varro Lucius Lepidus did just that. Perhaps in excess. Built with a grandeur in comparison to the world around him.

The inside accented with art and endowed with flecks of gold and silver that would reflect the glow of each torch that lined the halls. Transforming it from home to a gaudy palace of ethereal shine. A shrine to wealth obtained through his many exploits. Both honest and sanctimonious.

As slaves bustled quietly through the corridors, preparing for the closing of the house. It was then, at the late hour, that a guest made himself known. It was with this guest that Nehset found herself walking those very halls. Bare feet tapping softly against the smooth marbled floors as she was pulled along it.

A quiver had long since settled in the pit of her belly. Her countenance far from calm. Reeling from the cacophony that accompanied so steep a betrayal. And by the gods, her brother. At her best she could conclude his life properly and send him off with all of the honor he deserved and she would make her sacrifice to the gods and mourn him. Alas, as she was moved towards a dimly lit room days and leagues from her brother’s death and abandoned body, she was far from her best and could do no more than hope that Osiris would see to him well and pray that Taueret would spare a glance of her eye and gaze upon her in her time of desperate need.

Simultaneously she cursed the spirits of each and every Greek that committed the sin against her former master’s house leading to the deaths of so many. Still she understood that no matter the amount of torture delivered unto them in the afterlife, it could do no good for her here in the land of the living.

Nehset shivered at the fact that it was here that she was alone. Forced to face whatever was to come on her own. ….


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