“The Dragon Boat Festival 端午節”

There are many opportunities to witness and participate in traditional festivals in Taiwan. This month, May, is the Dragon Boat Festival or ‘Duānwǔjié’. During the long weekend people can be seen traveling home to celebrate with their family and friends. Most shops are closed or hold odd times so that they owners can enjoy the time too. Which is ok because 7/11 and Family Mart are still open so you can grab a few snacks and drink….maybe some Taiwanese beer…and hang with your loved ones.

The festivities to be had differ slightly from city to city but the one consistent aspect is the kayak races!

The story behind the Dragon Boat Festival is kind of both a sad and amazing story.

The long and mostly correct telling of the story can be found here.

The Origin Story 1 has actually been turned into a tv sereies! One of which I was surprised to here that I had already been watching! o.o

That show is called Song of Phoenix and  can been seen here. I just love how some things work out. Don’t you?

Anywho, other than the boat racing and loudly beaten drums, and cheers of ‘jia you! jia you!’ to refuel the efforts of exhausted rowers you have my favorite thing. FOOD!

This part of the festival comes from the dropping of rice balls into the water….it was in that article I know you read. Over time the tradition became to eat sticky rice dumplings called ZongZi.

Zongzi Sticky rice dumpling 

Now this one I had while I was in Kaohsiung. It is different from one I ate in Taipei haha. But they are all tasty none-the-less. This one had pork nestled nicely on the inside with peanuts scattered throughout. Never thought I would say boiled peanuts are the business…until I started eating Taiwanese food.

So here we are coming to the ‘in a nutshell part’. What this weekend boils down to is, I drank too much beer, ate too much food, stayed out in the sun for probably too long, but got to have an umbrella party and eat tasty snacks with good people, all while learning a little bit of history and how to never let someone say ‘Gān’ or clink my glass.


If you would like to see more pictures of my days be sure to follow me on Instagram @lilcoqui

Until then!



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