Hiking in Taiwan “Xianjiyan Hike Trail”

Our first hike since my return to Taiwan was not Elephant Mountain as I had planned with myself, though there is still so much time so I’m not worried. Instead, it was the Xianjiyan hike trail near Jingmei Station in Taipei’s Wunshan District.

We left out that morning expecting rain and instead we got the choking hands of angry humidity. *Really it wasn’t all that bad.* Also we were determined to make it up to…where ever we could make it. Before you know it you’re so high your ears are popping from he altitude change. You’re huffing and puffing and slipping up the moss covered stone, then suddenly there is is. The most spectacular sight to behold. You can see all the way to the Taipei 101 building. There are butterflies fluttering about and there is a kind of peace to the air. You forget about the effort it took to get there. The humidity…psh…there is no such thing. You are left with only yourself and your view. Beautiful.


Then of course, we eat!

(Bottom Left) Rice pudding with ground pork and a tea egg, (Bottom Right) Pork and mushroom soup, (Top  Center) Pork and Mushroom soup with added rice. 

Can’t have a good day in Taiwan without eating good food. The only hitch about this area is that it has a traditional market place. Which means this was a traditional food stall restaurant. Which also means that unless you speak Taiwanese or Mandarin….well I wish you all of the luck.

Until next week!


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