“The Rise and Fall of a Gladiatrix” a new book by a fresh new author

So comes/ends an awesome day! Before I left the states I put into work publishing my first book and dun dun daduuuun! So it has arrived!


My brother took the picture and sent it to me so that I could actually see it haha. Thanks to him and my mom for looking out for both me and it. Honestly I’m just so exited. So much so that I almost forgot about that big ass spider I still haven’t found. For real, I hope it’s wither escaped or dead…I can’t live in this fear.

Anywho, obligatory excerpt post!!!!


Part 1
It has now been six hundred and seventy-nine years since the
founding of the city. And the empire, though it is full of politics
and propaganda. Of civilized men with naught but words and
intrigue who plot and scheme for elevation. It is still a place in deep
need of blood and sport to satiate the hunger that resides inside them,
buried beneath calculating words and cunning steps.
So need gives way to the arena where noble and common alike sit
to spectate on the gore and glory that comes among the sands. To bear
witness to the likeness of gods in men. To watch as Gladiators lay siege
upon themselves in spectacular performance.
Though there are many of note that deserve their names put to
legend. This tale is not meant for any one man of them. It is instead
for the overlooked warrior. One for whom life both inside and out of
the arena proved to be a war with many battles not so won with ease.
It is for the Gladiatrix. The warrior’s female counterpart. Far less in
number but not so in strength and valor. And for one in particular.
The animal from the land set atop the convergences of the Blue Nile,
the White, and the River Atbarah. The silent bitch of Kush whose
bite, as some would find, far outweighed her bark. But before she was
so known in the arena as champion with her weapon, the Illyrian
siccae, raised to the heavens in triumph. A visage of rage and conquest
deserved of highest praise. She was a woman shorn from her home
and nearly ripped of her whole humanity. Would explain why her eyes
were yet void of the pleasure of victory.
Yes, this is indeed for her. It is her life. Her death. Her rise and her
fall. Most would have her and her true name, buried by the sands of
time beneath the shadows of the arena. Her truth lost to all. Yet here it
is, committed to form. While the Romans would know her by another
name, a false name. She will forever be held dear to those that had her
in their hearts, as Nehset. As it were, for what was done to her, the
Romans as well as all others that would see harm come to her body and
soul, their name was well fit for they would every one of them know
her as Varinia, The Executioner of Executioners, The Bringer of Blood.
But to glean why that majority would be beholden to the rage of
one woman is to know the whole of Nehset and those that influence
the fate of a slave.

For all of those interested in seeing what happens when a prisoner seeks justice, when a woman finds her strength or when vengeance is wrought, give this a look.

It is coming soon to eBook, but you can find it now in lovely paperback form through Lulu. com at this handy address >>> http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-rise-and-fall-of-a-gladiatrix-the-executioner-of-executioners/20905942 



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