My first week in Taiwan a.k.a. The week that made me say “Oh shit what the hell did I get myself into?”

So to recap…flight…check


Fearless plan of ultimate bravery…check


As I write this I am sweating my face off even though I’m sitting in front of a fan, either that or swimming in humidity, I can’t tell yet. But what this week has really come down to is that planning and living are two very different things.

I have an apartment, I started class and I’m alive and healthy. Thus is the upside. Downside, the moment i signed the contract and handed over the money for the apartment I immediately wanted to go home. What the fuck do I do? Holy crap I still have one million years left before I can fly home! So on and so forth of the same panic verity. But I talked to my siblings, laughed with them a little and slept in my new bed on the new sheets that I bought 20 minutes before while deep in my panic fugue state, took a few deep breaths and woke up in a different state of mind.

With new eyes I took a look around my new …room and realized that it wasn’t so bad then took stock of what I had accomplished so far.

New TW phone number? Yes

Unpacked? Yes-ish

Got a metro card and loaded it full of money so that I could get around? Yes…more than once now.

Learned the subway system and can get around effortlessly? For the most part.

So after pulling up my big girl undies and throwing away all of those disposable ones that truly were the best thing I could ever buy, I left out to find something to eat.

Green onion pancake with roasted sesame seeds


Now I know it seems really weird to be proud of getting myself breakfast but I did it all in Mandarin. So I don’t mean to toot my own horn but *toot* *toot*.

Now enough about me and on to some TW recs:

If you are in Taiwan make sure you take the time to visit Da’an Park. I stumbled into it on my way to Poya to by soap and a linen bag. Life lesson taken, “When life throws you dirty T’s make sure to stop and smell the roses.”

Now Da’an Park is located just outside of the Da’an Park Station, you literally can’t miss it. It has more than one entry, more than one exit and tons of beauty to behold.

Da’an Park 

The air is fresher here and even with the rain there is no downside to this place. Just bring an umbrella.

As a matter of fact, always carry an umbrella, use it for shade, use it for rain. Whatever the case, you’re gonna need it. In the summer it’s always rainy and it’s always hot.

Until next time, I’ve got studying to do. Make sure to follow on Instagram @lilcoqui for more pictures and day by day updates!



Post Note:

After writing this post a big ass spider ran into my room. Thought I killed it…I was wrong and now it has run and hid and I’m not getting any sleep tonight.


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